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Douglas Fir, 1956 vs 2017


Small piece came out my house. What a difference! Imagine what it will look like in another 60 years after they figure out how to GMO it into a single year’s growth to harvest.

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Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Amazing. I have some old growth cherry and the rings are a lot more tight but not as extreme as your fir. With old forest density gone, on top of GMO, we will be lucky if future woods hold a wood screw.


Someone here posted an interesting video about wooden firemen ladders. They’re preferred because unlike aluminum, they will not collapse without notice. San Fransisco has an inspector at the ladder shop that measures the growth ring density. Home Despot tubafors need not apply for that job. Anyway, they use Douglas Fir and it looked a lot like the top picture. I don’t know where they find it today. Probably a spot held more secret than a good fishing hole.

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Practically every construction grade 2x it’s pithy. I’ve noticed that all the lumber the scaffold crews carry is stamped “rated for scaffold by OSHA” or something to that effect. I’ll have to look into that so see what the minimum standard is.

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As a contractor of 30 years I have seen a big change in the grading system in lumber, what use to be #3 or #4 is now graded as #1& #2 . Dealing with demolition on some homes built as far back as the 1800s there is a very wide difference from what homes were built with then versus now. I don’t find Doug fir being mostly pithy but I live in the northwest where it’s logged so the material they send to NY might be of an even lesser grade than here. It’s kind of amusing to me that in UK doug fir is considered something they use for joinery.About the only items, we use Fir for are perhaps replacement of old VG flooring, but I understand that some wood(timber) is less available in the UK.

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Here we go. OSHA standards for scaffold planking. Someone inspected it.


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Clear Douglas Fir and spruce is wonderful for making jigs and for shop furniture. Once in a while I’ll see clear untreated spruce 2bys at the home despot for cheap.

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That top one is pretty amazing. Really beautiful stuff.

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Not mortgageable due to non standard construction? A Victorian home? That is complete insanity. It’s an existing building. If it was such a fire hazard, it would have burned down a long time ago.

Most Europeans I know turn their noses up at frame construction. I guess they had the story of the 3 little pigs drilled into their heads. You’d think after they get the bill from the electrician for adding an outlet they would change their minds. You better love your cement house because plumbing and electrical changes are gonna cost you.

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Nice window, by the way.

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My mother in law is here from Hungary for a few months. We have a Hungarian internet TV set top box connected to the downstairs TV and my wife wanted a TV in her bedroom. The box is capable of multiple output so I snaked a wire up to her bedroom TV. She was amazed at how simple it is to run new wiring in a frame house compared to all the Stone age houses she’s lived in.

Zip zap, done in a couple of hours. It doesn’t work (I think it’s too much interference from my solar panels), but it was no big mess or cost to do the job.

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LOL. Lumber must be so expensive it can’t be used for stair forms.

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