Dining table finishes

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Wife wants a dining table. I’m sketching it out. We discussed finishes. She wants an epoxy finish because she thinks it’s durable. I’m not sold on that 100%. First of all, I plan to bevel the underside edges and I’m not sure how to “wrap” the epoxy around the edge. Secondly, I’m not crazy about the look. I also don’t think she understands what the look will actually be.

Any ideas on a super durable finish that will take a beating?

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I agree Brian I think an epoxy finish is not what I would recommend a epoxy finish either,I would guess if you took your wife to a bar or somewhere that had an epoxy finish she would change her, I would suggest using a dye/stain and a couple of good coats of Arm-R-Seal. Very durable finish some people have even used it on their floors

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Right there with you Jim … epoxy would not be my first choice. I just recently made a desktop for a customer and used Arm-R-Seal for the first time. It appears to be holding up quite well for him.

Brian, I guess the big question is does your wife truly want an “epoxy” gloss finish?

If she does… there’s a product out there called, “liquid glass”. It’s used on bar tops and the like.

Yeah. She wants a glossy finish. She saw some tables in a restaurant that appear to have held up well. I didn’t see them so I can’t say whether it was actually epoxy or not. I guess we should go have a look together.

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After 53 years of marriage, I have found that it’s not always what we know works best it’s what the boss thinks will work best that makes peace.
I know that Charles Neil (RIP) used Arm-R-seal on a floor and next time he visited 10 years later and he said it looked as good as it did the day he put it down.

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I have to agree with Jim Brian. Here is a link you might find interesting, and it might also help you convince your wife.

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I’m a bigger fan for Conversion Varnish. I’ve used it before on dining tables, and bathroom tops and just like it. Durable, fast drying, easy to use.


Here’s another article that might give you some more info.


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Thanks for the replies. Going to take this to the boss and see what she says.

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Just wondering how that table top came out. What did the “Boss” finally decide upon?

Uggg…. didn’t come out. Back on the backburner list…

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