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Q: Sliding Windows

I want to add some sliding glass (Windows) to my deck, so I don’t get wet when I am using the cap stove.

I have a bunch of tempered glass panes from somebody’s sun porch.

How do we install them so that they slide? What do I need to buy/make (as in “get Rick to build”?)

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If you go to a glass/screen store they have everything you need. Just explain what you are trying to do and they will give you a “H” track with wheels on one side to fit in a track. I hope this helps.


Ah thank you!!!!

Thank you !!!

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I would use convex sheaves that run on an aluminum T track you fix into the bottom of the frame. Make it glide. Don’t forget the weather stripping and MOST IMPORTANTLY any track will hold water, so you need weeps to drain it out. Very, VERY important for any sliding window.

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Never thought about the water!!! Thank-you

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