Surf Fishing Plugs #4: Small darter

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5", 1.9 oz rigged, from 1" poplar dowel. Swims perfectly, which is actually kind of shocking. Everyone says this is a very difficult one to get right. Plus, none of my other styles worked the first time out. LOL… So I’m extra happy with this. Now I have to replicate it.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

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I live near Jones Beach. I don’t usually fish from the pier (i prefer the beach) but it’s a good place to see if these guys swim.

I’ve only been making these for a few weeks. The internet cuts the learning curve a lot. :-) Recently I’ve been following some plans. Those are not done yet, or even swim tested, but they float exactly as they’re supposed to, which is a good sign.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Beautiful Brian, how long have you been making them? I would be interested to know what pier you fish from. Also I played golf Friday, it was 25 with a good breeze moving. I will admit I had insulated on, a hand warmer in each pocket, a enclosed covered golf cart with a heater and a thermos of hot coffee. Goodluck my friend, Spring is coming.

-- Jack

That’s going to have to wait until spring. At least, if you want to see fish caught with this one.

I was down at the fishing pier yesterday testing a new one. It was 25° with a 20 mph wind. I was only there 20 minutes and my hands became so numb and painful from the cold. I was wearing gloves too, but they were thin so I could handle the rod, etc. BUT, there was a guy there actually fishing. Herring can be caught during the winter. I can fish down to about 35°. Beyond that my hands just can’t take it. Too wet. When the spray freezes instantly on my gloves it make them completely ineffective. The rest of me is warm. I have waders, waterproof jacket, etc. But there’s nothing you can do about your hands.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

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