My Cold Frames Journey

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Back story…
I haven’t really done any gardening for a few years, but, with the social distancing restrictions, I thought it was time to get back to growing and preserving.

Here in Ontario, our spring time can be wonderful for growing veggies – until early May when that surprise frost hits – and then again in the fall when it comes early ….so, how to extend the growing season? Cold frames, greenhouses, hoop houses, and row covers.

Greenhouses – oh my, there’s a memory! Somewhere in my records is the original story and, if I find it, I will post it in the comments. It is good for a laugh!!

Now … to the coldframes.
I said: Rick, this is what I want. Here is a sample plan that I found online. I want it to use three of those old windows we have kicking around and I want to use the automatic window opener that I bought years ago.
Rick: ok
(Build build build)
Voila. Cold frame #1

Me: oh I love it and I can see how it will really help us with our gardens. I’d love another one.
Rick: ok
(Build build build.)
Voila. Cold frame #2

Rick: I could build you another one, smaller, to fit in that space.
Me: yes please
(Build build build)
Voila. Cold frame #3

Now … well, let’s be honest – I am envisioning the possibilities!

The next project has to be adapted.
I want it to fit around the fence, where I will be growing tomatoes and other vining plants and I would love it if I could start early and harvest late.
But … there is a fence to contend with

  • How do I work around the fence and still keep the cold air out and the warm air in?
  • How much do I really have to worry about that?
  • Could I turn it into a permanent greenhouse, giving me options for even more possibilities?

I’d love some input so I can say, “Rick, this is what I want.”

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

I would have him build a raised garden. Your could then use hoops made of metal or PVC and cover with plastic to shelter young plants in the spring and extend the growing season in the fall. I had a greenhouse business a few years ago. I think this would give you the most bang for your buck. A good reference book is call “Square foot gardening” I think it was written in the 80’s

-- Trina

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