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This is how I made a hand wheel for my new vise and I managed to keep the cost down to a minimum $10.00

Here is a collection of pictures I took while making the plywood hub to attach the cast iron weight lifting wheel .
I started with a plywood blank and drilled it to accept a nut and thrust bearing and finished the outside with the bandsaw and disk sander .
The nut recess is chiseled out and the nut is epoxied into the hub and aligned to the hub by using the rod to hold it square .
The nut and rod are slotted by cutting them at the same time with a hacksaw and finishing with a flat file to match the key that is made from a flat washer .
The three bolts holes are marked by positioning the wheel on top of the hub and centering it to the rod by using a suitable socket .
The holes are drilled to proper size and depth to be threaded .
All this took about half an hour to make and made a big difference in operating the vise .
I made a little video which I will provide a link for shortly and I hope it works .
Any questions let me know .

Very nice and clever. You need to take a break, because you are using up all the good ideas in the world, and not leaving any for the rest of us.

-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

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