A Shop Hickup

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Sorry guys and gals. I was in the middle of thickness planning all my stock for the workbench drawers and im having issues with the machine. It seems that all hell broke loose this week. First the gear box sprung a leak. So i ordered a new gasket. Then as im planning the motor just shuts off as the material is running through. I thought it was over heating but i don’t think thats it. Its not popping the breaker. It just shuts off then i free the wood and it turns back on. So i backed off the cut a few partial turns and im taking a 1/32 cut on a 14" and less all the way down to 4 1/2 wide and it just shuts off. So i checked all of the internal wire connections from the end of the plug to all internal connections. Everthing is tight all wires are are in their connectors. What im thinking is i had recently replaced the main power cord months ago and it might be a little to long. I think under a load im getting a voltage drop and its kicking out the motor. But i didn’t have any issues since i replaced it. I also replaced the wire with the exact makings that were on the old one. Be honest im lost but ill try and shorten the main wire and see if it helps.
Now thats not all that happened. My lower table roller fell apart. Well thats fixed. I figured im fixing this i put new blades in it now. But i need to set up all the factory specs again. So it’ll be a while till i get any workbench stuff done.
Today i helped my buddy build 16 raised panel doors in the shop. He bought all S4S wood and MDF 4 × 4 sheets and we got them done. He’ll sand them and paint them at his house. So i guess ill be doing little stuff and try and get my thickness planer fixed. Saturday is the Milwaukee, WI woodworking show so im heading there. Ill be taking pictures and sharing my experience.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Not good Brian. I looked at a new powermatic thickness planer but i didnt buy. What i did find out is that the powermatic 15" thicknesses planer is 99% exact match to my grizzly. Now what i also found out that two different companies but the machines are made in the same factory. The only difference is that grizzly and powermatic have their own representatives over there overseeing the controlled builds

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Hey we’re both having planer issues. Time for an overhaul.

Sounds like what Bruce said. Probably thermal protection.

I think something broke on mine. Cutting head doesn’t lock, feeds slow and dull blades. Needs a serious cleaning before even investigating why the head doesn’t lock. Every part with grease is covered in years of dusty filth. Maybe today, maybe next week…

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Thanks David Roberts. I still ned to trim the edges, put hardware in and apply the finish. Ill be taking pictures and posting the clocks in their own blog.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Thorreain the blades are the original blades. I never changed them because they always cut great and left the wood smooth. To tear out. That thickness planner was purchased in 1998. So I guess its time. Lol.
Jack yes I will definitely be taking pictures. The guys from 360 woodworking are going to be there Bender, lang and Huey. Also fro woodworkers guild of America George Vondriska.
wheaties it takes 30 to 40 seconds. But I have to remove the wood. I tried to turn it on with the wood in still. Wrong thig to do but you know tring to figure whats wrong. The onky way to figure out if it has one of them sensors is to call Grizzly I guess. WoW first time any issues. Ianwater yes busy man. Making clocks in the mean time.

The picture of the clock is for my mother’s 70th Birthday present. However I just sold 5 more. I call the clocks the grandchildren clock.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

If your motor has an internal temp switch it could be going bad . Check to see if the motor feels hot . How long does it take to turn back on ?

-- Wheaties

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