Tormek T3 Sharpener

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My Favorite Tool

Tormek sharpener.
I got a fair amount of good Brownie points at amazon during Christmas, that I decided to spring the plunger on a Tormek T-3. I have had lots of problems here in Houston, working in a 2-car garage with all the humidity, to keep my tools sharp. Sharpen one day rusty the next. I have been using scary sharp, diamond stones, but I spent most of my time with dull tools. Not any more.
I have spent a couple of days getting all the tools that need sharpening out of the garage and cleaned them up.
Then set up a station for sharpening. It is amazing how fast it goes. The 220 grit stone just cuts and cuts.
Within minutes I was getting some of the best edges ever. The leather hone just makes it so much better.
I know that this tool is very expensive, but to me right now, it is totally worth it, because I have to finish the house so that the wife and myself can go on the road to see some of you guys.

Pros: Sharpens very fast. Is very easy to use. Gives me an edge like I have never had before. Will sharpen anything if you buy the guide. The leather hone is just great. It will polish any surface.

Cons: Expensive. Does not come with a flattening guide. Guides are expensive. It comes with band-aids. But not enough.

All in all a quantity tool. I have started to buy fewer tools but better quality. This is in the believe that a great tool will make you want to work more because of the tool. A good tool will get the job done, but did you have the enjoyment of using the tool.
I will keep you all updated as to how my theory is working.


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Congratulations Madts. I have a Tormek and I love it. I have recently taken up figure carving and to keep my blades sharp I just refresh the edges with the honing wheel. I don’t add the diamond paste every time as it lasts through quite a few honings. I also do this with my chisels. It’s a long time time between actually sharpening them on the grinding wheel. Just a tip that I hope you will find helpful.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Jeff: I only work in the shop on some weekends. So that precious time is dedicated to the projects.
Ideally I should sharpen between project.
That does not happen as I am in hurry to work one the other 2 or 3 projects I started while the glue is drying.
So the best time is weekdays at night. But everything I have is on wheel and when I am done for the day my wife park her car inside.
That make most of my tool unreachable.

When I am in the middle of project, it’s a lot easier to reach for the sand paper and give the tool a quick sharpening than stopping everything.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Ianwater ill take them chisels out for a date with mr. cherry mr. Walnut and mr. Maple and they will give them some attention. Lol.
How come you don’t use you machine?

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I debated the tormek few years ago and opted for the work sharp 3000.

The choice was based on price and easy of use.

The funny thing is I used it only twice…

Every time a chisel loose an edge, I pull the sanding paper. I am not going to pretend my chisel are scary sharp, they barely sharp.

I acquire 3 diamond stones few weeks ago. Since I had not had shop time for a while they are begging for attention.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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