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This impact driver has to be one of my favorite cordless tools .
I have owned a corded version of this for thirty five years or so but this one is the one I use almost exclusively now .
A few month ago I added the rare earth magnets on the top and they are almost like a third hand and also make it easy to hang the tool on a steel surface .

Late to the show here but a neat idea with the magnet attachment. It obviously works but are there any concerns about long term impact on the motor from the magnets? (no pun intended)

I have this, the Makita version, and a Panasonic drill and driver and treasure them both.

I’d bought a Makita set for a worker after the worker’s cordless drill passed on. I’d never used a driver before. When the battery on my cordless ran out, I borrowed the workers impact. My first thought was, “[w]hat was I thinking, not having one a couple years earlier?”

For comfort and battery life, I like my Panasonic a bit better, but none of them are indispensable and would be quickly replaced when they quit.

My Dewalt drill is waiting for me to rebuild the battery. It has the best chuck (a Jacobs) of the bunch, by far.

I like your idea with the magnets. Good thinking Klaus! I have a small Black and Decker version of your Makita. I doubt the quality is anywhere near that of your Makita, but I do find it handy on occasion. One thing I like about mine is that it has a light on it which is helpful when working in tight dark spaces, which is what I mostly use it for. My favorite battery drill is still my DeWalt with three batteries packs. I am using that one more and more as time goes on.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

I have gone the Bosch route and has done me well. Rather large but gets the job done. I bought my son the same set you have and he loves it. If you put some metal underneath a cabinet you have extra storage,


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

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