Hydraulic crane (T and J) #1: Crane boom

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A while ago I started another T and J building process. And from that what I think might be interesting I will make a blog entry.

According the plan the boom of the crane is equipped with spacers. But when the humidity change also the fitting will change. Therefore I made (wooden) springs. The boom is made out of ash. And ash is great for making a compression spring.

Thanks for watching.-

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This is interesting and I will be watching this as you go along .
I love how you made the boom tube assembly and the design may have applications elsewhere so I will put that in a special drawer for further reference .


Thanks all.

Weaties the crane I,m building is a Liebherr ltm 1070-4.1 from T and J :http://toysandjoys.com/126-the-hydraulic-crane.html

Jeff the wood I use is ash. The equipment: Bandsaw 16" , drumsander 16", drillpress and a very powerfull disksander 20" on my lathe. See also my shop

That is impressive , what type of crane are you building . I love cranes , I run a 25 ton Grove for years . I never ran a tower crane , but one day I want to make a scale model of one . Can’t wait to see your finished crane

-- Wheaties

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