Extreme baby gate (LOL)

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There is stuff you want to do, maybe need to do… And there are things you MUST DO and those things are called HONEYDO.

I have such a stack of those things I thought I might start a blog for the more interesting ones.

Here one I did a while back. Baby fence extension: https://woodworkingweb.com/creations/604-baby-fence-wall-bracket-extension

This weekend I got another honeydo ultimatum, which interfered with my door making schedule, but whatever… Der wadn’t nuttin’ we could do abouddit..

More baby gate madness. Now the little guy is 18 months and cruisin’ everywhere so wife wants gates on the stairs. The only problem is no gate will work because there is no doorway or wall on one side of the stair – just an iron railing that isn’t suitable for the pressure fit kind of baby gates that go into doorways. Plus, the stair handrail interferes with the swing of the gate. So what am I supposed to do? Build another bracket, of course.

I thought about it a while and figured out a way to make 2 brackets which are painted white like the railing. Then 2 oak sides that the railing attaches to. I didn’t really need the one on the wall, but I added it to be decorative.

I hid the attachment screws on the wall side under the gate hardware but I had to use plugs on the railing side because the hardware didn’t line up with the brackets I made.

As you can see, I have yet to trim out the house. I’m waiting to finish my doors first before rolling though.

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