WoodworkingWeb Gazette: Issue 1.02 (June 2014)

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Woodworkers are a wonderful group of people – willing to offer support, tips, and tutorials (as well as the inspiration that comes with sharing woodworking creations).

Whether you are a Master Craftsman or a “newbie”, grab that camera and document the progress of your next build (or the one you are currently working on) — even if you end up with mis-takes! We learn as much (or more) from the mistakes as we do from perfection!

I recently learned an Ojibwe phrase: “Nimaajii-toomen maamwi” which means: “We are on this journey together.” This is so fitting for what takes place at WoodworkingWeb as we share our journeys and help each other along the way.
Thank-you for sharing your journey with us!
~ Debbie

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