Learning Curve: Crochet Rings

As part of my “12 things for Christmas", I decided to make some crocheted #jewelry - rings, to be specific

I searched some designs and decided on a basic design, to get things started.

  • Chain 15 or 16 (depending on your desired size)
  • join together with a slip stitch
  • SC 16 into the ring and distribute the stitches evenly around; join with slip stitch
  • SC into each of the SC above and slip stitch together
  • end off and weave in ends 
  • that's it.. you have a ring!
Knuckle Ring

  • chain 15 or 16 stitches as above and join with slip stitch
  • (Note: I left a tail of about 18" and created a double strand chain by crocheting it with the main yarn)
  • slip stitch across 4 stitches (for the back of finger)
  • SC in the next 7 stitches (leaving 4 inches on the other side for the back of the finger)
  • turn, SC across, decreasing at each end
  • turn, SC across, decreasing at each end
  • turn, SC across, decreasing at each end
  • slip stitch and chain 12 (depending on desired size) and slip stitch back into first of the chain, creating the knuckle ring section 
Rose Ring
  • Chain 53 
  • Row 1: DC into the 5th chain from the hook .... *CH 1, skip 1 (DC-CH-DC)* in next chain repeat the * * section across your chain; turn
  • Row 2: Ch 3(counts as DC) 5 DC in CH space; *SC in next CH-1 space, 6 DC in next Ch-1 space* (shell stitch). REPEAT the * * section, ending in 6 DC in last CH-1 space. 
  • Tie off and leave a LONG tail (12"?) for stitching the flower  chain together to form a flower; cut yarn
  • Finish: starting at end, roll the flower up, using the original chain to form an expanding circle;  thread the tail onto a needle and weave across the base, the circle, crisscrossing the yarn all around.. make sure not to pull too tightly. When everything is secure, tie off.  

Add your flower to BASIC ring. 
Done. Wear it with pride 

#crochet #christmas 
Photo 1: double strand chain
Photo 2: Rose Petals 
Photo 3: stitching into a circle 

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