Learning Curve: Connected DC

When making my "Basic Hat" I decided to use DC (double #crochet) stitches to speed up the process. My goal is to make 12 hats for my guests at our Christmas dinner. 

On their own, DC stitches don't really create a very warm product, as there are big gaps between the stitches..... UNLESS, you connect them. 

How do you do that? 
In the above photo, you can see all the loops of the double crochet stitch. You are going to be working with that bottom loop of the stitch.

Before working the next stitch, you:
  • do your yarn over and, then, 
  • put your hook through that bottom loop of the DC that is currently on your hook; (3 loops on hook)
  • THEN, into that next stitch, yarn over, and pull through, (4 loops on hook)
  • yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook, 
  • yarn over and pull through the last three loops on the hook.  
This joins the two DC together, filling the gap, creating a much tighter crochet - and much warmer for a hat!
~ Debbie
"I'm remembering!" 

Disclaimer: this isn't necessarily the RIGHT way to do the connected/joined DC but it is how I do them.... and, as long as I'm consistent, it will be ok! 

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