Nanuk: Amigurumi Bear #1: In The Beginning...


This is part 1 in a 3 part series: Nanuk: Amigurumi Bear

  1. In The Beginning...
  2. Body
  1. Finishing Up

With my latest crochet project completed, I went back to looking for an amigurumi animal that hand-size, rather than 18" or so. 

Sifting through the photos of inspiration, I decided to make a bear. 

I had made a bear before but, having skipped past the measurements, I didn't realize that Rupert was going to be a huge bear, one of the 18" type creations. I want small. 

I found a free pattern (thanks, again, to everyone who shares their creations) and, as always, I wanted to put my own spin on it. In this case, specifically crocheting the body and head as one piece. 

And, so, Nanuk was about to be born. 

Nanuk, by the way, is Inuit for an “animal who is worthy of respect”.  

I love talking about the subject of "respect" but that's for another day. Let's get started birthing Nanuk. 

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