Nanuk: Amigurumi Bear #2: Body


This is part 2 in a 3 part series: Nanuk: Amigurumi Bear

Before we begin with the body, let's make the muzzle. 
Why do we want to start here? Because, when we are making the face, we will want to add the nose/muzzle before adding the eyes. To do this, we are going to need yarn that is the same colour as what we are working with. Rather than cutting the yarn or starting a new skein, let's just make the muzzle and then begin with the body! 

Muzzle / Nose
> work 6sc into a magic ring. [6]
> inc in each st around. [12]
> sc around. [12]
> (sc, inc) x 3 [9] and leave the rest < this flat part at the top of the nose creates an oblong shape.
Attach safety nose and add a bit of stuffing. 
Now, just set it aside until we get working on the head part. 

For the body, we will begin at the feet.  We will make two feet/legs,  then connect them and continue on with the body.

The Leg
> Work 6sc into a magic ring. [6]

>  inc in each st around. [12]

> in BLO, sc around. [12]
Note: you don't have to work in the back loops but this creates a visual bottom of the foot, which is nice

> 4sc, 2dec, 4sc. [10]
You now have a "toe" area of the foot.

> sc around. [10]

> (2sc, inc) x 3, sc in last st. [13]

Fasten off, leave a tail to close the gap between the legs later, if you need to. 

Repeat for the second leg, but do not cut the yarn. 

Here's the tricky part, if you ask me: join the two legs together, making sure that the toes are facing in the same direction (or a little pigeon-toed) and, then connect the two legs together with a stitch. 
Next, we will be working around the two legs as if they were one circle. I had to try this three times as I kept crocheting in the opposite direction that what I usually do. 

> work all the way around the two legs, ending with 26 stitches; if needed increase/decrease as needed in the next row, lining up the editing at the "butt crack" area... we want to keep the centre lined up. 
Also, I like to use a thread of yarn to mark my beginning of a new round. This way, I can keep an eye on where that centre is. 

> sc around. [26]

> 12 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, 12 sc [34]
You have now created the belly bulge. 

Note: Use the tail of leg 1 to sew closed any gap between the two legs

> 13 sc, inc, 2 sc, incr, 2 sc, incr, 14 sc [37]

> sc around. [37]

Stuff the legs with fiberfill.
Stuff firmly so that your bear is sturdy. 

> (3sc, dec), 2 sc [30]

> sc, dec, [make this at the back centre of the body] sc around 

> 14 sc, dec (centre front), sc around

> 2 rows of sc around, with 28 stitches

 > (2sc, dec) x 7. [21]

>  8sc, dec, 9sc, dec. [19]

> sc around, dec the last two stitches  [18]

stuff and continue 

> (2sc, inc) x 6. [24]

> (3sc, inc) x 6. [30]

>  sc in each st around. [30]

>  (4sc, inc) x 6. [36]

>  sc in each st around. [36]

> (5sc, inc) x 6. [42]

> 4 rows  sc in each st around [42]

> (5sc, dec) x 6 [36]

Attach the muzzle, and embroider a mouth. 
muzzle.PNG 115 KB

Attach the safety eyes, a couple of rows above, with 7- 8 stitches between 

> (5sc, dec) x 6. [36]

> (4sc, dec) x 6. [30]

> (3sc, dec) x 6. [24]

> (2sc, dec) x 6. [18]

Stuff firmly with fiberfill.

> (sc, dec) x 6. [12]

> 6dec. [6]

Fasten off and sew closed.

We're getting close... break time! 

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