Spinnekop #4: De koker


This is part 4 in a 32 part series: Spinnekop

This part of the mill is called "koker" and can be translated as tube. It is part of the bottom part of the windmill and allows the main drive shaft to go from the upper part to the lower part. It also allows the top of the windmill to be turned to face the wind with its wings faced in that direction.

It is made of 8 pieces and is held together by the "boven tafelment" and some iron bands.

On the drawing are some comments noting that the tube has been replaced at the wrong dimentions. It's to small as you can see on the first drawing. It needs to be the size of the hole in the "boven tafelment" but is to small. I will make the tube at its correct dimentions.

The lumber

planed and milled

Putting a chamfer on the sides

Testing the fit on the "boven tafelment"

Making the iron band (out of aluminium)