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Is lipstick one of your necessary “tools” in the shop? How many of you woodworkers use it?

My lip balm gets used regularly but my lipstick is just a special-occasion item.

Today I installed hardware on the bed I’m making. The hanging plate is mortised with additional deeper mortises for the protrusions behind the two hangers.

To make the alignment easier, I just smear lipstick on the back of the hardware where it needs to be mortised.

Then I place it on the wooden part where it will be installed and give it a whack!

Ta-Da. Now I know exactly where to deepen the mortise for the hardware to set flat.

A perfect fit!

Any time I need to align two pieces, I take out the lipstick and it works great. It works well for installing and aligning locks on doors, too.

I hate to waste anything and needed somewhere to use all those lipstick samples that were given to me decades ago!


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