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Apr 2014

Martin Sojka

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Desktop Accessories Center - Woodworking Project by retired_guru_tech

Desktop Accessories Center

This desktop center is made from white oak, finished in shellac, and steel wool buffed with paste...

Outfeed Table for DeWalt Contractor Saw - Woodworking Project by Mike40

Outfeed Table for DeWalt Contractor Saw

I ran across the plans for this project at http://www.instructables.com/id/Outfe.. The plans...

Cherry Bench - Woodworking Project by Manitario

Cherry Bench

This was the first project on my winter “to do” list. As with most of my projects, the design...

Koa Butsudan - Woodworking Project by joshuarosewoodwork

Koa Butsudan

This piece is called a Butsudan, which literally means ‘Buddhist Altar’ and was commissioned in...

Wife's surprise dining table  - Woodworking Project by Indistressed

Wife's surprise dining table

This is a dining table I just surprised my wife with. It’s 1 1/4" steel tubing frame. The patina...

Sculpted Rocker - Built in 2012 - Woodworking Project by Tim Dahn

Sculpted Rocker - Built in 2012

Another older creation, this one was the most challenging and satisfying woodworking project to...