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Murphy bed, cabinets, and floating shelves

Murphy bed, cabinets, and floating shelves
This murphy bed was a MUCH bigger project than I had anticipated. Back in December 2017, the Create-A-Bed mechanism was on sale. My husband and I decided that we would give it a try (I was just getting over the flu so I think my defenses were down!!). I was still dealing with a broken bone in my foot and wearing a walking boot so we didn't get started until our Spring Break vacation (and here in 2022 I’m back in a boot with the same foot break of my 5th metatarsal on the opposite foot - unfortunate end to what had been a great trail run last weekend 😕).

I spent over a day just cutting the plywood and oak to size. Originally, we were going to make some bookshelves to the sides but later decided to go with the cabinets. The building process stretched over the spring as limited time on the weekends makes for slow progress. Called Create-A-Bed a couple of times with questions and they were very helpful. To dress up the front, I added oak strips. Ended up doing the final finish and part assembly in our living room (!!) as didn't have the space in my workshop.

Later we had to carry the large parts back outside the house and around the back to a doorway into our sunroom (final location). The front frame which holds the mattress was HEAVY but managed to hold my end and get it in the sunroom. More assembly and then secured to the wall.

Since the pillows don't fit in the closed upright position, the need for the two side cabinets became clear. I designed them to hold a number of pillows plus blankets. The top has an oak "rim" so items placed on top will be less likely to roll off. Our air vents are in the wall so needed to elevate the cabinets - thus the base with long legs beneath each cabinet.

Definitely a big project and not one I would want to do over!! Oak plywood and wood, pecan color water-based stain and High Performance from General Finishes. 
Also, later added the floating shelves (another opportunity to learn new techniques!)
Later built the pups a bed so they would have a “match” to the Murphy bed color.  Of course, I think their mattress is even better than the one on the Murphy bed.   My husband did the woodburning of the paw print


Hmmm...not sure why the last picture is missing.  Here's the pups bed
Great accomplishment Barb,
It looks so good.  The "Living Room" finish looks perfect,  very consistent color. Nice work.
Murphy bed mechanisms can be very tricky to figure out,  you nailed it.  

Sorry to hear about your foot,  hope it heals quickly.
(Your going to have to quit kicking your husbands butt.) get a paddle instead.  :)

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.

Nice work. Love the matching dog bed!

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Very nicely done Barb, a great match and everything blends in wonderfully. Those large projects can take time, but they are so worth it in the long run. Looks like the cute pups approve. Well done.

Now take it easy an heal your foot up, we want to see more of your projects.

Main Street to the Mountains

I built one of those years ago, I feel your pain!

Fine looking set BTW 8^)

I like the second photo where your pup has that look  "I won't have to share my new bed will I?"
The Create-A-Bed directions are very good and they are also very helpful with answering questions.  Very satisfied with the product and no issues with the mechanism long-term.

Bentlyj - I'm hoping for a quick heal.  Last foot break resulted in three DVT in my calf so avoiding blood clots is a goal this time!!  Ironically, my husband was sick so I went out on the trails alone.  We stayed on an open phone line, with my cell in my backpack.  He could hear me in case I ran into trouble (e.g. I stopped to tie my outer shirt around my waist and he was "are you okay, I don't here your foot falls").  I had been out well over an hour, within minutes of the trailhead when my foot rolled and the bone broke.  When I called out that I thought I broke my foot, he wasn't sure what to do.  I jogged the rest of the way in (not sure how smart that was) and drove back home before taking off my shoe.  Yep...xray the next day confirmed what I knew.  Boohoo as I love cold weather hiking and running (no ticks!). 
Thanks everyone.  Projects like this are more of a relief to have done - especially when having to work in the house due limits in shop space. At least I didn't spill stain on the floor!

Splintergroup- for one more funny dog picture.  My big girl loved to sleep with her belly against the AC vent (and often feet up in the air).  With the new cabinet she could not as get close and wasn't too happy with me. 
Beautiful set and the wood you used stands out very nicely. If I made something like this for my 100+ lb. Blk Lab, he would probably eat the pillows. lol. Excellent job !!!   Mike
Mike - thanks.  We use baby mattresses as they can be easily wiped off.  I put a fleece blanket around the mattress which I can toss in the washer (after vacuuming to remove as much hair as possible).  We haven't bought an actual dog bed in years - actually since two of our pups ripped one into shreds!!

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