Art Nouveau Style, Large Coffee Table

Here are some finished pictures of this large Art Nouveau Coffee Table. Size 22" tall with a 60" x 80" elliptical shaped top. Made out of Solid African Mahogany. The marquetry top has 12 different species of veneers

Dennis Zongker


Another work of art, Dennis. Absolutely beautiful. I love the base and the top. The marquetry is amazing, as with all your projects.  Your work is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing, Dennis. 

Steve Gaskins

WOW.the scuplting on the base just flows like liquid, and the marquetry is beautiful dennis. man id love to spend time just watching you create these works of art.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Magnificent work of art, truly beautiful.
An amazing piece, it all flows nicely from the legs for the base and the marquetry on the top. You are an inspiration, Dennis. 

Main Street to the Mountains

Thank you so much my woodworking friends, its very inspiring to hear such kind complements! 

Dennis Zongker

Another stunning masterpiece! I thought this post was going to be about the base - until I saw the top. Wow.
Beautiful work.  Top is really amazing.   The legs are beyond seeing how they would be done.  


What inspirational workmanship! Do you ever take any in-progress photos (or videos) of your projects? It would be enlightening to see how you carved the base, for example.
I really love the organic nature of the base. Amazing work.
Another great work, I really love the way you did those leaves on the trees!

-- Paul--- Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. — Scott Adams

Very fluid! Your attention to form is outstanding!

Congrats on getting your long table into the "Gallery" section of FWW!
wow!   thank you again, my woodworking friends for the very kind complements! Everybody needs inspiration even us woodworkers. 

Dennis Zongker

It must have been very self-reassuring as that base took shape, and you said to yourself, ya, this is going to be pretty badass.

No Bees. No Honey. Bees Lives Matter

Don’t know how I missed this one Dennis. 

I’m starting to get interested in marquetry and if you gave a class in it I definitely would attend, if I lived near you. 

The carving looks great and you finished the mahogany to fine finish. Lots of sanding?

James McIntyre

WOW!  That is so remarkable.  Top notch workmanship.


Anything I could say trying to applaud this would be an understatement and bordering on insult.

I am always amazed by your projects.  Nicely done.

daveg, SW Washington & AZ

Not really my style but the top is beautiful and unique and the rest very well done.