Sculpted Rocker - Built in 2012

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Another older creation, this one was the most challenging and satisfying woodworking project to date.

I used (and recommend) the Hal Taylor plan, book and video, very informative and comprehensive, Hal was just an email or phone call away when needed.

I made changes to the headrest, arm shape and rocker tails to suit my own taste, my goal was to give it a little more maloof look.

The finish is a mixture of: 1/3 boiled linseed oil, 1/3 Cabots satin polyurethane. 1/3 mineral spirits, I used two coats then waxed.

Some pictures of the build:

Seat sculpting

Dry fitting the front legs

Arm joint glue up

Arm joint sanded

Gluing and screwing the head rest

Fitting the rockers


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