Walnut Dining Table and Buffet

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This is some older work.
It’s Walnut plywood, hardwood and veneer.
The bent legs are frames covered with 3/8" bender board, then veneered.
The table is 2 layers of walnut ply with 8/4 hardwood trim around the edges.
Both bases are 3/4 Ply with hardwood faces.
Finish is homemade stain from BLO, Mineral Spirits and Tint.
Top coat is 3 coats of Conversion Varnish from Sherwin Williams.
Here are some extra pics.

And some misc. build pics.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for looking


Fine furniture. I like the bent legs.
Did you make the chairs as well?

Where can one get bender board? Is it the same as bendy ply?
The best I could find were 24×24 pieces on amazon.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


What an elegant table and buffet! The finish looks absolutely perfect.


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Another walnut dining table. Damn you! You know I can’t make mine yet and you’re making me antsy. ;-)

Great looking stuff and very fine decorating too. Those chairs are perfect for the table. Is that your home or a client?

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Beautiful design Bently! Very modern and elegant.

Thanks Everybody!

lanwater, no, I didn’t make the chairs. I made a set once….you would laugh…lol
I’ve heard different names for it. wiggle wood..bender board…I get it from my regular lumber supplier, (Petermans) it comes in 4×8 or 8×4 depending on which way you want to bend it.

Brian… You better get on it! LOL It’s for a client, I can’t afford that stuff.
(I’m a cabinet maker!)

Thanks L/W
Thanks David

I clicked on this because I thought it looked great, I was surprised to see it was one of yours Bently because most of your work I’ve seen has been built-ins. I really like it, sideboard has a mid century Danish look to it but with that fabulous base. As usual, great build and great finish. 10/10.

Doing the best I can with what I've got

Thanks Mark,
Built-in’s are kind of my niche, but every once in a while a get to build some furniture. I might post some other pcs, IDK, feels weird posting old projects.

Thanks Bently!
Weird is the same feeling I got when I post older projects. But please post them as it allows newbies like me to see your work and get ideas.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Wonderful work an outstanding build.

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