Some odds and ends

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Just some different things I have made.
Any questions, feel free to ask.

Best compliment I ever got Bently and I’ll pass it along to you:

You do nice work.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Paul Said was I was going to say. Now I have to think harder.

The doors on the 3 first pictures are amazing.
The desk is really “clean”. The drawer and interior organizer are eye catchers.

You do amazing work!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I’m going through the pictures and I can’t believe what can be done from the wood.

Great job!

-- Michal,

Very nice! How did you make the doors in the first picture? Are those curves bent or cut that way?

Losing fingers since 1969

Thank You !
Brian, the doors are just squares glued together. Easy peasy nothing fancy..
I’ll post some pics how I made them later tonight.

Lots of variety. Great job, Bently. Keep them coming :)

Martin Sojka,

Making the (Weave Affect) doors!

Awesome Bently. You make look easy.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

You have an awesome variety of work! I have to ask whats the story about the painted armoire?


It’s so good to be reminded of your wonderful work. We remember that first cabinet with the “woven” doors. That’s such a clever idea. We’d love to see that shoe display again. That was mind-blowing!


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