Bird On A Branch - Woodworking Project by Terry
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Bird On A Branch

Wood makes great wall art! This piece has a couple of firsts for me. First time using shell for inlay and first time trying shading technique with hot sand. I may have gone overboard with the hot sand but it was fun learning something new.

Wow! I WISH I could make something that amazing!

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keep on experimenting — my eyes are benefitting :D

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Thank you! It is so much fun to play around with. I keep telling myself, one day I want to try a triptych (3 panel inlay) and we have several old cabinet doors to use…

There are some really great patterns (for free!) on

I got this pattern from their site and this was one of the very first inlays I had done – and I was hooked!

Very nice Terry, the sand shading really gives the marquetry depth and the shell in the bird looks fantastic. I think everyone would love to have this hanging on their wall.

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Exquisite work !
Eye candy .

Wow! it looks like a painting.
Great work indeed!

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Unbelievablely beautiful. How long did that take?

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Thank you all! This project took about 1 week to make.


One week sounds awfully fast for such precise, beautiful work. We really love the other one you posted above, too.


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