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Knot Board

Knot Board

Made another knot board for the oldest grandson.
Put in a few more knots than the last time.
Board is poplar.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Knot too shabby Madts. Does it come with grandpa’s instruction and description of the various uses of the various knots?

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you got that kind of project all tied up. Unique and cool.

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I am going to need instruction too.
A friend tried to teach me a couple but i flanked.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I love it. But I don’t see any knots in your boards. Just some very clear lumber with some strings tied together. LOL

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Yes Paul it comes with instructions.
Thanks for all the puns on this very serious project to a young lad.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

well done Madts. It reminds me of my Navy days. I used to be able to do that stuff, but I have now forgotten most of it. The one knot that I haven’t forgotten and still find the most useful and reliable is the simple bowline. Easy to tie and easy to untie. I use it all the time.

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