Christmas box

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This was created from a pattern by Sheila Landry. ( The lid and base are mahogany with bird’s eye maple inlay on the lid. The finish is lacquer and finishing wax. The sides are made from maple.


wow and wow, this is flat out gorgeous, why in the world are there not more comments on this, beautiful the scrolling skills…you got em for sure…

"the grizz" [''''']

That’s really a lovely box. I agree with Bob…you’ve got the skills on the scroll saw

I'm the one with the beard

grizzman couldn’t have said it any better…..absolutely amazing work…thanks for sharing

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Thanks all for your kind comments :)


I want to ad a couple of more wows: wow wow!

Sheila make great patterns but your execution brought this one to the next level.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Great box, wish I could scroll, don’t have the patience for it. I agree with lanwater Sheila does great patterns and you executed great.

Thank you Ian and Bob. Yes Sheila does great patterns!


nice scroll work, great looking box


Wow this is a real master piece, Anna

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