box for a friend


This is a box for a friend, it was a very fun project for me, as making a gift for someone special is always an enjoyable thing, this box is made from several woods, the main box body is southern yellow heart pine, my favorite soft wood, the top is where all the fun is, its made from walnut and the panel is spalted oak, the fish and letters are inlaid mahogany, and the lids joinery is through mortise and tenon and the joinery is pinned with 1/4 inch maple , the inside of the box is covered with 1/4 inch red cedar, and all the corners are mitered and then the box is divided into thirds with walnut, the top was finished with 4 coats of lacquer sanded to 600 grit, and the body of the box is finished with BLO..this was very enjoyable to make and i thank you for any comments left, thanks, grizzman

"the grizz" [''''']

Wonderful work on this box Bob. A great gift!

Mike, an American living in Norway

You must have some very grateful friends! Another really nice project, Grizz.
I particularly like the “pins”; it gives it a really rich look.


Beauty personified! Excellent craftsmanship.

Use it up, wear it out---Make it do, or do without.

you need to do a video of you using that tool

I'm the one with the beard

Super Box Bob

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