serving tray


this is a serving tray i was commissioned to make and was given the right to just make it the way i liked, this tray is made of several woods, cherry in the center and the rest is walnut, dogwood,red cedar and the end pieces are made from cypress, the drink rack is made of spalted oak, and its pinned on each end so it can be taken off and used as just a tray, i finished this with 5 coats of spray lacquer and its sanded down to 600 grit, thank you for taking a look, grizzman.

"the grizz" [''''']

That is a nicely made tray .
Must be nice to have that free wheeling opportunity to create something like this .
I am sure the customer will be happy .

Nice job Bob. I love the wood combinations.
That insert is unique!


A very nice tray. Well done.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

thanks for the nice comments folks, ellen, as to the drink rack i knew they would for sure be serving drinks with this and i thought you want them to be secure, not sliding or moving, so i thought of the rack and making it removable in case you want to utilize the whole try it comes off by an easy removal of the 2 pins.., i like it and i think the customer will also.

"the grizz" [''''']

WOW….this is a very nice tray. I love the woods the way you doweled the ends and the drink tray! The customer I’m sure will love it….anyone would. Great job.

Use it up, wear it out---Make it do, or do without.

Very nice work, love the use of all the different woods.

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Nice tray Bob

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