Walnut dining table


4′ × 13′
Made with two 15’ walnut slabs and a sheet of 1/8" steel plate.
The top was flattened with a router sled and then fed through a wide belt sander. The base was forged/fabricated. The pebbles are from beaches either in front of, or near the home. I used a casting resin in the centre


Haven’t posted in a while, here is a recent build. Cheers


Very impressive Angellos. It has your signature touch on creativity.
I love it.

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Very very nice a wonderful design and excellent workmanship.

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What a truly unique table. Thanks for sharing.


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Oh Wow!! That’s awesome.. Lot’s of attention to detail and really looks nice in that space.

That has WOW all over it. Nice work.


Thank you. Really feel lucky to have clients that let me run with an idea! And it doesn’t get any better for me than to be able combine sculptural elements into a piece of furniture.


Very nice work , very unique table . Keep up the good work


That’s a beautiful project. Well done!

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Sweet as ! lovely design and well executed, always think there is something so warm and welcoming about a big timber table.

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