Five Acres


This piece was commissioned to represent the Harewood area of Nanaimo. It pays homage to it’s history of small five acre farm parcels that made up a large part of the area. It is located on 5th and Bruce ave in the Harewood area, Nanaimo. BC
The hoops are are old wagon tyres from my buddies acerage. The goat and rooster are life sized and forged from 1/8" steel plate


Another extraordinary piece … the intricate details in that rooster – amazing!

How long did it take you to create this piece of art?

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Just great work Angellos!
Must be a joy to go to work in the morning creating this art.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

The whole piece was about 185 hrs +-
Yes, it is great to be doing this for work. Still have lots of woodworking on the go too. it’s all good


Your very artisticIly talented!! I know lots of farmers out here in Alberta that would love those. Nice work!

That’s amazing. Looks incredible. I assume it’s going to be outside. I guess 1/8 plate can rusty away for decades without actually damaging anything. Is it finished with something? Or just allowed to take its natural course?

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Yes, I acid etch it first and then apply an exterior clear coat. Needs to be touched every few months for the first year and then 1-2/year after that. Sherri, if you know people that would be interested, please pass along my info. cheers


Next time I’m over in Nanaimo I must look out for your art pieces. They are very beautiful.


Amazing work, they are so detailed and beautiful.

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