Little woodworker bench


While I was at harbor freight the other day buying giant screwdrivers to turn into turning chisels, my 5 year old begged me to get a toy tool set they had for sale. He was behaving well recently so I gave in. Then of course he wanted a bench like dad, so I made him one.

Made from rough plywood and 2 bys ripped down for the legs. I sanded the top a little and finished it with amber shellac, which I love because it makes everything look warm and cozy – even when applied to crappy plywood sheathing. I finished it off with a bit of pegboard that my son painted red and some nail on felt furniture feet to protect the floor. My wife bought some pegboard accessories from IKEA that don’t fit regular pegboard. I had to drill a few holes to make them work.

The coolest part is the toy vise, which I bolted to the top using 3/8 rod, nuts and fender washers. It gives it an authentic workbench look. :-)

The boy already broke the 100% Chinesium plastic hammer, so it looks like I’ll have to make him a real mallet now. :-)

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You’re a great dad, super little child’s bench.

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Way to go daddy!


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Looks like a pretty good workbench to be – the kind you use and abuse to a good end…
Interesting how things are ‘born pregnant’ – you start off doing something… that someone adds to… that someone wants you to add to…
Next thing you know, there’ll be parts-jars…

Lots of good ideas in that build, you are a good dad.


Added a working leg vise. :-)

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The “Bob the Builder” work hat is the best! LOL!!!

Well done , he will never forget what you built for him


Rather cool Brian.


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That Vice!!! Oh yah

The seeds have been planted … the journey begins!

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