I made a couple of swords for me and my 6 year old, Sir Galahad. His made from pine (Janka Hardness: 480 lbf), mine from African super hardwood ekki (Janka Hardness: 3,220 lbf) and oak. It turns out pine is the better battle wood. My weathered, twisted and severely checked ekki (reclaimed pier decking) just couldn’t hold up to the awesome combat power of pine.

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Wow, I hope you weathered the battle better than your sword. (:-) Would have loved to see a video of that fight. I wouldn’t dare give any of my grandsons a sword because I am old and can’t move as fast as you can. Nice work Brian I know he loves them.


Hehe.. This old Marine weathered the combat only slightly better than my sword did. A 6 year old with a sword light enough to swing around is like a the desk fan of death! LOLOf course, mom didn’t like the idea, until she saw Sir Galahad beaming with delight after utterly crushing the old black knight.Boys need boy toys and adventure.Speaking of high adventure for boys, you can find the junior classics at project gutenberg for free.https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search/?query=Junior+classics

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What a wonderful time to spend with your child. Great build by the way.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

I’m sure he’ll remember this for ever. Great memories. Bigger isn’t always better. Awesome project.


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Losing fingers since 1969


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