Floating shelves


My son and I built this shelf for my daughter/his sister. Ropes still need adjusting. It was a quick project but it was fun. Solid cedar.

A very Unique idea well done

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I love it. The horse shoes are a very nice touch.


This is a very neat project, and so well done.* Congratulations you nailed it!*

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What a creative design! Great that you got your son involved, too. I bet your daughter loves it.


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What a great way to create interest in woodworking for our young (as well as having fun with our children). Thanks for sharing.

Thanks everyone, she loved it. I asked if she want me to change the top part so it can’t shift and she said no.

Love to see the kids in the shop. Unique project, I like this type of thing. I get some pushback from the “boss” when I try to get to “unique”