Small cedar desk


I built this cedar desk for our 12 year old son. With Covid-19, he needs a quite place to do his school work. His room is small so I whipped up a little desk. Took me two hours. I still have left over cedar from when we lived on Vancouver Island. I picked up this chair for free, going to refinish it for him.


Nice desk I’m sure your son loves it.

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Very nice, great job Sheri.

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Thanks, it was a quick Not much detail. Sold for a boy

Very work Sheri, you have been busy.


Beautiful job! Two hours! that’s awesome.



I wish I could work that fast. Maybe I could actually accomplish something! ;-)

Nice desk!


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A “silver lining” to the situation – a lovely addition to the room.

2 hours – I can only imagine what little bit I would get done in two hours!


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Thanks everyone!

It’s 34” wide x 19” deep x 29” high. I was surprised. Having a large working area makes a big difference. The cutting, pocket holes, and assembling took 2 hours.

Sorry, I wasn’t referring to the top glue up. I gave it 24 hours to dry. I make sure the biscuit and glue up has plenty of time to dry.
I’ve been doing a lot of wood working, the more I do it, the faster I’m getting at it.

I have a customer project coming up that I’m excited about. Pictures and write up soon to come!

Great example of “you do what you gotta do “. Well done ? ?

Measure "at least" twice and cut once