Living room table/coffee table


Another project, finally done! When we were living on the Island, one of our neighbors was going to throw out this rusty metal table base.

So I asked them if I could have it and he said sure. So I’ve been dragging it around for over two years.
I cleaned up the base and spray painted it. Then I made a table top for it. I wanted it to look like a chest. So I bent some metal for metal straps, and painted them. I used left over cedar, I planed, biscuit joined, and cut out groves for the corner guards so they weren’t sticking out as much. Then clear coated it.


Amazing craftsmanship, Sheri.

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Nice work Sherri,looks super.

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What a marriage! The top is absolutely perfect for the base. It was worth dragging the base around for 2 years. (Personally, I’m not that fast! I keep things around for years until my husband threatens to toss them and then I get busy really fast.)


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God recycle on the base it looks great on this splendid table, congrats.

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Thank you everyone, I really like it. Has great character.

Oh my goodness!!!
That is beautiful and I love repurposing materials !!

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