“The Family Tree” Napkin

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Sounds interesting… and complicated… Yes?

Is some kind of Photo-Resist used to create patterns / stencils, whatever they’re called?

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It’s very easy!
- create the pattern using cricut machine
- remove areas that you want to be paint
- place on the screen
- use squeegee things to spread paint across the pattern
- let dry.

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By the way, when I gave my family their gift, everyone gave a silent thank you – nobody wanted to point out the spelling mistake.
So I finally had to do it myself …. “you spelled family wrong… did I? What would family be without U” :)
Everyone sighed with relief, laughed, and then really thanked me.

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Great job Debbie I did some silkscreen printing I think about 50 years ago. Maybe not that long ago, but it was the hobby of the year. I remember doing Christmas Cards as one of the projects.

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Great screen printing Debbie. It is a fun craft. I did it years ago and all my family and extended family got screen printed t-shirts and sweat shirts for the next couple of years!

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Is there any craft you don’t do? What a great gift idea. Very clever about the U in family.


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Thanks everyone
I never thought to do cards!!! Well, won’t that just save me some Ching Ching

It is a fun thing to do; kind of a “wow, I made that!!”

What don’t I do? It’s more of a question of “is there anything that you do that you do WELL”
Yah, it would be nice to actually find something that I can say that I’m good at. Oh well, I’ll leave that up to you guys —- you are brilliant with your creations ((bowing in your presence))

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An interesting idea and gift. Well done.

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Screen printing is my latest exploration.

For Christmas, I made everyone their own napkin. It was so exciting to watch all my family, sitting around the table, receiving a surprise gift as part of their place setting!

After drying, the paint was heat-set into the fibres so that the napkins are washable.

I also did screen printing on pillow cases and used them for gift-wrapping.

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