Deathflake Afghan/ Lapghan


This is my favourite afghan that I have made!
The original pattern, “Deathflake” pattern by Art Fiend, was for knitting; I adapted it to crocheting, for Tunisian in the round.

I love crocheting “Tunisian in the round”. Actually, I haven’t done anything other than this style since I discovered it!! It is thick and snuggly; it is reversible; it is intriguing.

This was a gift for my teenage granddaughter … yes, she loved it.

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Very NICE! Looks like it would have taken a LONG time to do…

I’m sure she will LOVE IT!

Have Fun! ...


I had never heard of Tunisian in the round so I, of course, had to check youtube to see just how to do it which means I spent more time than I should looking and now it’s past my bedtime!

Do you just reverse the yarns to get the pattern? It seems a little complicated to me, but if that’s the case, at least you don’t have to tie off all the color changes. (I never like having to weave in all the ends to hide them.)

Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks everyone.
Yes it took a while to do.
Yes she loved it.

L/W … to do it, you are using two colours of yarn as you work around the piece. As you work it, you are bringing one of the colours to the front, with the other colour, of course, being moved to the back. This creates the pattern and the reversibility. Once you get the hang of it, it is rather easy. Tricky part is the very beginning and lining up those corners correctly.

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