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Medieval Book Binding

I took a medieval bookbinding course last Fall at Lee Valley. I finished the book in class and did some burning on it when I got home. I enjoyed making the book so much that I made another one as a Christmas gift for my hubby’s sister. i used deerskin which her Dad had from his hunting days and burned and painted a yellow rose on the back. Inside the book I hand wrote all her Mom’s poems and writings.
Thank you for looking.

-- Anna


Such a lovely personal gift and keepsake for your sister-in-law . . . especially nice to have used your father-in-law’s deerskin. Those types of gifts are so meaningful. You learned the craft well. Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you L/W Your comments are much appreciated

-- Anna

Nice details, where do you get your leather from besides the deer?

-- Sincerely, Sheri Noble

Thank you Sheri. the suede from the first book was supplied by Lee Valley when I took the course. We also have a great supplier locally Tandy Leather https://www.tandyleather.ca

-- Anna

Oh my!
First, it is beautiful … and then you told the story —- what a. Treasure!!

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Thank you Debbie

-- Anna