Swiss Bell Tower


I have a good friend who was given one of those giant Swiss cow bells, and he needed a place to display it. He asked me if there was a way to make a stand that would allow the bell to be removed without undoing the big strap and buckle. I created a joint that will allow the top cradle to be lifted off without opening the buckle, and yet be stable when in place. I refer to it as a bridle joint.

I have since made 5 more of these for other bell owners.

This one is make of oak, though I have made others of cherry and walnut.


I have to say – I love it when the photo of the item in use IA left to the end – it is like u wrapping a Christmas present.
The piece, itself, is absolutely beautiful but when seen with the cowbell – wow.

I bet he is thrilled with your creation!!
The “latch” isn’t flimsy looking, making it easy to move, I would imagine!

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This same design would make a lovely quilt rack as well. Very nice!


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That’s really cool. I’ve never heard of these bells. I’ll do some reading about them.

Great way for presenting them.

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Nice work, complements that beautiful bell and collar. The only cow bell I have seen is in an orchestra about the size of a tea cup. Thanks for sharing.


Very cool, one of the most unique projects I’ve seen ,well done.

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Beautiful work on a great show piece, Job well Done!

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