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Celtic Knot French-style Rolling Pin

Celtic Knot French-style Rolling Pin. I have lost track, but I think this is number 8 in the series. I brought back some wood from out last trip to Kauai, and one piece of Koa was long and narrow……I used part of it to make the little outrigger canoe, and then I got a comission to make another rolling pin. This one is Koa with maple and walnut accents. It is about 18 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. After turnng on the lathe, I sanded to 220 and applied a liberal coating of food grade mineral oil.
The pictures show the double Celtic knot design and the end caps. The last photo shows the glue-up before going on the lathe. The glue-up is the hardest part of the process….four seperate glue-ups where the contrasting strips are introduced, two at a time.

-- jbschutz

Looks super, well done.

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Fabulous! Looks fantastic

-- Anna



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This is beautiful. Great job. And thanks for the glueup photo. I think even I can do this. :)

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Stunning and thanks for showing the glue up!

-- Ellen

Might Fine,

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Beautiful! And thank you for showing the glue up, which answered my question! 😊

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