Curly Sassafras and Padauk Jewelry Box

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I made this box for my wife for her last birthday. I came across the curly sassafras while splitting firewood, way too nice to burn! I cut veneers to 1/4" thick and glued it up on some unidentified wood I had in the shop. I cut 1/4"X3/4" padauk strips for accents and to hide the glue lines of the veneer. Besides the four drawers, there is storage in the top and on the side. The box measures 11 1/2"W X 16"H X 6"D.


Very nice – I especially like the offset drawers. Gives the front a nice style and it is practical as you can incorporate the side compartment.


The sassafras is really beautiful. Nice work and extra points for saving it from the firewood stack.

Losing fingers since 1969

Beautiful! I’ve never worked with sassafras before, the grain is stunning!

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Looks great!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Exceptional build, Willie. The sassafras has beautiful grain I sure your wife loved it.

Steve Gaskins

Thanks for all the great comments. I was lucky to get a fair amount of that sassafras but it’s all in short lengths, under 24". I still have enough for a few more projects. Going to cut some more firewood this week. I ALWAYS keep my eyes open for some interesting wood!!!


Excellent build Willy. I love the sassafras.

Mike, an American living in Norway

That’s a very cool design,great build.

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Thanks, Jim. Fun build, would make a few changes if I was doing another but holding up well. Expected some movement with the thick veneer but so far so good! Sometimes the best wood comes from the least expected sources!