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I was lucky enough to come upon a benefactor from whom I received a good amount of some type of cedar, the lengths indicated by the yard sticks. Does any one know what type of cedar it is and what it would be good for? This is the first cedar I have had. Appears to be free of cracks and very few knots. Any help, guesses or other wise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


You could send it all to me, and I will make a couple of armoires out of it.

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Thorreain. You you ars such a kind and helpful guy………

Jack, where is it from? I’m far from an expert but my guess is western costal cedar, regardless of the type it looks like you scored big time.


I see a beautiful cedar chest! And it smells good, too!

Thanks guys. He only knew it was from somewhere way up north and way out west, which I figured that also. Ha ha Certainly not from around here. Like I said I have never had any cedar and don’t know its properties as far as finishing, staining or top coating, or if it is used mostly for linings. It is very light for the size the pieces are, but just beautiful grain and color. Regardless free is always good!!


Looks like Western Red Cedar to me. We have tons of it on Vancouver Island. It’s pretty, has extreme rot resistance, and weathers to a nice silver colour if left alone. On the other hand it is soft, doesn’t hold fastenings well and splinters from it infect.

It is a widely used wood on the west coast for all kinds of craft items and also for boatbuilding and it has been since looooong before the white man came.

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Thank you Paul, that gives me some ideas.


If nothing else, build some chests and line then with strips of this stuff. They will sell like hotcakes.

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Thanks Brian. Since it is so soft, good idea.


The larger blocks would be great for carving. I have carved about a dozen pieces from cedar. I can see a few things that I could carve with the larger blocks.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I’d also guess western red cedar jewelry boxes, blanket chests would be a good choice. I recommend good dust collection and or dusk mask as some people are allergic to it and it irritates your respiratory system. Best of luck in whatever you create.