Stoopid mailman tried to kill me

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So I’m in my garage with the door open cutting hinge mortices for a door I made a while ago and finally getting around to hang. I use the hinges with a 5/8 radius so I cut them with my router and a template to get nice, clean, round edges. Anyway, this is probably the most dangerous operation I ever do, since the door is on edge and the router gets used on edge. It’s hard to balance, I’m squatting, can’t see well, etc. And it’s loud of course. One little slip and who knows where that extremely dangerous high speed bit will end up on my body.

So the mailman comes to deliver an Amazon package while I’m in the middle of this. He thinks he’s doing me a favor by trying to get my attention. I didn’t see or hear him but he starts yelling and waving his arms with the package, which of course, startled me. I managed to hang on and didn’t cause any damage to the door or myself, but I was pissed. I understand that maybe he doesn’t have a clue but he doesn’t get a pass for not having common sense.

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no…he doesn’t. wait till your done then cough politely is the right thing.

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I hate it when that happens. I’ve thought about putting an old style shopkeepers bell on my door so it rings if the door opens. I never work with the overhead open as I don’t want to advertise that the " garage" is really a woodshop.

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I have 2 simple jigs for doors. First take a 2×6 about 2 ft long and lay it flat on the floor. Next take some 3/4" plywood and cut it to about 6" x28", you’ll need 2. Then in the center of the 2×6 attach the plywood to the edge so it sticks up in the air. Space about 2-3/4" allowing a gap and attach the other plywood. When you put the door on edge into that gap it will rest on the 2×6 and you will have a portable door stand. I have 2 made and I’ll get a pic the next time I go to the shop, camping season is almost over.

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I’ve had my wife startle me when I’m in the workshop…now she knows not to come into the shop until the machines are off.

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Glad you are OK Brian. I have the family trained to flash the lights before they come in the shop.


Thorreain, I actually had the door clamped to something, so it was very stable, but the edge of the door is still narrow and the router likes a wide flat surface for stability. That, in my humble opinion, is a recipe for danger. I certainly do everything I can to increase safety, but getting startled by a stranger yelling and flapping his wings doesn’t fit any equation. ;-)

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Defiantly not. I had a similar experience with a UPS delivery man. Even my wife knows enough to just wait until the machine stops running, no matter what it is. Delivery people must be just in too much of a rush I think.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

That is a scary scenario,like you said all he needed was a small dose of common sense.
You may or may not of heard of the trick of clamping a pair of boards on each side of thin doors to give you a bigger surface to balance your router on.

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Glad you were not hurt, i have people come to my shop (garage) and all that have so far have waited for power tool to stop. I also try and make it a habit to face the door, for that instance, but sometimes you just can see who is coming. Maybe a sign will have to be made. I would hate to hurt myself for that reason.