A blog entry with no wood in it

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I guess I am now in the category of Hobby Woodworker. If anyone read the last ramble I submitted here then you might remember that I was offered a job in England doing what I used to do before trying make a living as a cabinet maker.
I took the job, been there a week now, loving it. Just wanted to let everyone who took the time to comment on the last part know what happened and also thank you for your good wishes.

Cheers Guys.

-- Doing the best I can with what I've got

Glad things worked out for you. Nothing wrong with being a hobby woodworker. Thought I would really miss the business when I retired, but now I’m having fun building things for around the house. (not near the pressure) lol.

It’s also nice to know when the next pay check is coming. Enjoy your new job and stay active on here. Best of luck.

-- John @The Hufford Furniture Group

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