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Our Summer Awards 2014 is now official: CURVE-aliciousness
Woodworking is “CURVE-alicious” and the curvier the better .. well, at least for this Awards event it is! Take some wood, any type of wood, any amount of wood, and curve it up into something practical, artsy, practical-artsy, or artsy-practical.

As a support to this Awards, I have create a list of some blogs that relate to the topic.

As related TAGS, we have:

If you have created a creation/blog/forum discussion related to curves please add the TAG: CURVES

And we’d love to hear the strategies that you have used to create a curve for your woodworking creations. Post them or the link in the comments below. Share the Wisdom!

REMEMBER TO TAG YOUR CREATIONS … so that they are shown in the THEME galleries!



-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Since I was a young child and was always around my Dad, Uncle and Grandpa in their pirogue building I have been fascinated with compound flowing curves. I spent may years renovating and restoring old wood boats and this has carried over into my current day wood sculpting and carving of boxes and furniture. Flowing curves are so much a part of nature in everything around us…much more so that flat rectangular surfaces.

-- Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor

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