DIY thickness sander for lathe or ShopSmith #3: Finishing up the build

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When I left off yesterday I needed elevators and the skirts for the dust collector. I decided to go with two elevators for the ability to micro adjust for very thin cuts leveling marquetry. If you don’t need that sort of accuracy then a single elevator in the center would be easier and quicker to adjust. In my application getting one side even a 64th of an inch thinner than the other could be problematic so I want to give myself every chance. I am willing to spend a little more time adjusting. Once adjusted I am planning to add sheets of paper under the work piece to advance the cut.

Here are the elevators I designed. They are just a piece of reddi rod with a cap nut on one end and a wing nut on the other. They will be installed in the base with a pair of insert nuts. I decided against the locktite in favor of a jam nut after the photo was taken.

Here they are installed. They are set just far enough in to clear the inside of the front edge of the bed when at it’s highest travel.

This is the bottom of the bed showing the installation of the locking rod and the torsion box grid structure.

The pvc pipe fittings were rough cut to shape and inserted through the 4" half section then sanded flush after gluing.

These are the dustcollection skirts. They are angled at the bottom to sit just above the workpiece during operation. The tops are rebated to accept and locate the dust collector pipe section.

This is the feed side view , all set up. I think I like the idea of the SS powerhead helping to support the DC hose so this is the orientation that I will be using.

Last bits are painted and she’s all set for the application of the velcro and sandpaper. That is due to arrive tomorrow. Then I can do a few little tweaks and see just how accurate it is.

All done for now. If anyone wants to see a rough sketchup that I did of this a few days ago it is here:

I re-design as I go so it doesn’t look exactly like what I actually built but the concept is there.

Thanks for dropping in.

Questions, comments, critiques are always welcome.


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