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Workshop tour challenge
Well here is my shop. I started feeling better finally so, I decided to clean up the shop before taking the pictures. I started taking pictures in a clockwise fashion.

This is the corner next to the house entrence. I have my compressor, 100 amp fuse panel, screws and a bunch of boxed equipment above on the shelf.
Next, is my miterstation/ workbench / storage.

Next, you’ll see my spindle sander and drill press with the drill press cabinet I recently made underneath. I also have my pipe clamps hanging.

Above picture is also my mortise machine and my scroll saw

Swinging to the northwest you’ll find my plywood rack and bandsaw area. The plywood rack is on wheels so I can move it around. I also have a single 450 cfm dust collector that I reall don’t use anymore.

Above picture; is my lumber rack. Bottom has red oak an hickory. The middle is usually maples and cherry and the upper is pine OSB & popular.
Moving onto the picture below is my 15" thickness planner. Along with my new 8" jointer. I’ve had my thinkness planer about 20 years now and just upgraded from my dads old 6" Craftsman jointer last fall. I mostly have had my equipment 20 years & that’s about when I did some upgrades.

Moving along you’ll see below my 24" conveyor belt sander. I mainly use this when doing raised panels and fine tuning thicknesses.

Hiding above is my grizzly 2300 cfm twin bag collection system. The next few pictures is the piping for the collection.

The picture above is still showing the collection pipe moreover my 45k btu natural gas garage heater. Continuing

This pipe in the above picture runs over and picks up the drill press, spindle sander and the miter saw. All of the equipment has blast gates and the PVC pipe and blast gates are completly grounded with a copper wire on the outside of pipe.
Next, hiding is my lathe and the lathe cabinet I recently made.

The picture above is the area that im looking to redo over summer with a french cleat system. However, its an area for saw blades extra air hoses, air nailers and more clamps.

Now were getting close to the end of the tour. But, before we are here is the router table above and the new 50" right rip 3hp cabinet tablesaw below.

The next pictures are of my hanging airhose, retractable extention cord and retractable work light.

Overview of shop

The last picture is of my lucky horse shoe over the door. So I don’t get hurt.

I just want to thank you all for visiting my shop “woodsconsin woodworking” I am glade I was able to show you it. All this shop is, is a 20′ × 20′ garage. Hope to see yours next. Thanks Jeff.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Ianwater the first thing will be going b on the french cleat on the bavk of the new eork bench is clamp storage. This summer behind the lathe the peg board is coming down and a french cleat is going up. Im thinking about doing that whole wall as my clamp wall. And I’ll do something else where you see the pipe clamps now. Great eye.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

That a great shop Jeff!

You got every tool a woodworker wants.

One problem I noticed is that you clamp rack does not have space for the new clamps you just bought. Now you have to make a new one. LOL

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Hell Brian you’re jealous of mine im jellious of Jacks shop who’s Jack jellious of lol. Brian the key to a small shop is tons of storage. everthing needs a home. Once the storage has been met or somewhat met then comes the machine layout. Yes, I know you have half of my shop size and thats why its important to use the flip tops like your doing. Or

Look me up on pinterest then go under workshop theres small shop ideas. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. They even have the website under the picture to visit and read up on. Just click those links I caught myself one time I spent 7 hours on there. Lol

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

If the horseshoe hasn’t fallen on your head then I’d say that’s a pretty good lucky sign. :-)

Nice shop. I’m so jealous with all these beautiful shop cabinets I keep seeing. Maybe I’m missing out on something here.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Lol jack thanks for looking on. I really dont know if they work or not but hey I put that up about six months ago and before I had one I got my left arm stuck in a running bandsaw and cut it to the bone through the forearm muscle. So knock on wood so far no accidents. Lol

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Very nicely equipped and well organized Jeff. Really glad you are feel better and hope it continues. Thank you for the tour. I am getting a horse shoe for sure.

-- Jack

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