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Here is my assortment of hand tools and most of them I have made myself .
I don’t profess to be a hand tool only guy but I love the look and feel of them but power tools like a table saw can’t be beat by a hand tool .
Tools have evolved over time and even hand tools have been improved as time went by and new ones came along and it is only normal to accept the efficiency of modern tools .
I have recently made a couple of hand planes and love the idea of designing my own but will likely use them here and there when there is no other tool that can do the job .
Progress has been the key word word to increase efficiency in almost every trade and new ideas should be embraced but on the other hand it is nice to look back and appreciate some of the origins of the tools that we use today .
Here is my collection of hand tools many that I have designed and made myself like the leg vise which evolved and improved over several designs and is now nearly perfect having eliminated the pin bar completely and being a auto quick release type with a new quick release mechanism of my own design and overall I can not think of a more simple and efficient leg vise design .

This is my hand plane selection
along with mallets with an open handle design which has been copied by several others and a rasp with sand paper a leather strop and a centre marking tool that makes a mark from end to end of the board a bevel gauge made for me by Shipwright / Paul a awl that won’t roll of the bench and a marking knife along with a box maker diagonal gauge and a set of Sweetheart chisels and magnetic rack in the back ground

Here is a couple of wooden hold fasts with a veneer hammer that I do use from time to time when I use hot hide glue along with a patented drilling tool of my own design that drills a dove tail shaped hole in a single operation and in the back ground my hand saws and my shop helpers .
A center finder for round objects but also works great for squares and rectangles along with a step marking device ,straight edge ala Shipwright a compass a spoke shave and the indispensable clean up brush .

The bight light for when I need to see what I am doing and the over head tool rack with more chisels rasps and files squres etc. all handy when needed and a magnifying glass when the old eyes need a little help .
Then there is the clamp rack beside the bench in easy reach and the combination twin screw /tail vise of my own design ( posted previously ) but it won’t let me post pictures of this again .


I have loved the plane handles you make ever sine I saw the first one you posted. You have great skill making things you need but it’s the beauty that you bring out of the wood that makes you a craftsman I inspire to be like.

-- CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

Very Awesome Klaus. All your tools are built with thought, and purpose in mind. But I do think that you are cheating on us a little bit.
It’s those little shop helper hanging out in the background.. I have a sneaky suspicion that they are relatives of Norwegian elves that come in at night and do the dirty work for you. They look too smug, not to have something up their sleeves.


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Quiet please, creative genius at work.
You are quite amazing my friend. There seems to be no end to your inventive talent nor to the innovations that it produces. Quite a collection of hand tools, yes, but much more than that.
Thanks for the insight.

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

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