Share Your Hand Tools Collection #3: And the Winner Is ...

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Hand Tools Collection Challenge. You can see the entries here.

And the winner of the random draw is: MaFe


-- Martin Sojka,

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Hi wwwfriends,
Today I got a notice that a pack had arrived.
So off to the post office.

This is what was in the pack, the Veritas small scraping plane.
I have had a thing for that plane for a while, it has been on my wish list and since I now won money to buy me a tool, I thought it would be the right tool to buy me, something I did not need but could be a wonderful luxury.
I really love the design, like a mix between a beetle and a block plane.

Here next to the large scraping plane.

The sole.

Next to the apron plane.
Have a feeling the small scraping plane are going to be a favorite tool like the apron plane, time will tell.

So I have a big smile here, feel lucky and spoiled.
Thank you for the congratulations.

Best thoughts,

-- MaFe vintage architect and fanatical rhykenologist.

Couldn’t have been a better pick Mads.
You have the greatest love of hand tools of anyone I know.
It was all karma, fate, kismet……

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Usually I never win anything so I really rarely enter a competition and buy only a lottery note once a year, laugh.
Now I won the hand tool competition!
The Goddess of hand tools must have smiled at me here. ;-)
Guess I better find a hand tool I can buy then, otherwise it would be blasphemy…
That’s wonderful news, thanks and thanks for the comments on my post.

-- MaFe vintage architect and fanatical rhykenologist.

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